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Medications: Gabapentin (Neurontin)

Gabapentin is used for nerve pain. Specifically, patients with RGS/PGAD use it to help with restless leg syndrome and other nerve pain.

There are many theories and thoughts about the cause and treatment of RGS and PGAD. Many people it is connected to the nerves that are wired throughout out pelvic area. Some think that nerve damage can be causing the pain and symptoms. Either way, RGS and PGAD is also caused (or worsened) by putting stress or tension in the Pelvic floor. I, for example, hold all my stress in my pelvic floor, tightening everything up and making me feel all the symptoms that I do. In times of stress, I feel everything even more.

One of the first symptoms I googled was "ants crawling up my legs." It felt like electricity and tingling. This is where Gabapenting came in for me. Dr. Echenberg prescribed this upon first visit. I started at a lower dose and moved up over time. At this point, I take 1600mg per day, not even the max! The max is 2400mg.

This medication is all about nerves, so tingling and electric sensations can really be helped by this medication. I have spoken to some people who felt that the Gabapentin caused too many side effects to deal with. I am also a firm believer if you read too much of symptoms you start to feel you have them. Personally, being a little forgetful is totally worth it for the improvements.

I would love to hear from others who have tried Gabapenitn. Does it work for you? Did you dislike the side effects?

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Hello Lior. I've just started on Gabapentin and while I didn't really have much of a problem with RLS I think it has really helped the ReGS symptoms. Can I just ask what dosage you started on and how long before you upped the dosage? I'm not a fan of medication in general and would really love to not have to take it long term but since it's given me relief for the first time in months I'm not complaining. So far no side effects and I'm only on 300mg once a day.

Love your honesty and your website has been a lifeline. Thank you.

Nelda S
Nelda S
18 мая 2023 г.
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Any new recent updates about Gaba Helping? My 10 yo has this problem and was give this, but im scare to dead to treat her because al the ugly read effects i have read. She is in the verge of depression and im desesperad to help her but dont know how.

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