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Stop Calling It Arousal. Because it's NOT.

If you think the pain and discomfort is difficult, explaining it to people is just as hard. PGAD, or a better name for it, RGS does NOT mean me or other women like me are constantly aroused. The condition causes us to have stimulation in our genital region. It does NOT feel like the type of arousal you get when you are turned on. So despite the annoying name of the condition, which two middle aged men who don’t feel the symptoms got the privilege of naming, we do not feel the need to have sex at random points of the day. We feel discomfort and strain in our region, just like back pain or a headache, except our symptoms fall in a more embarrassing region. ⠀ There is an article going around about me, and these online sites have taken away from my words and my interview by coming up with untrue titles and headlines to create clickbait. Headlines like: "24/7 TURN ON Woman who was constantly turned on due to rare condition was left so sore she couldn’t have sex with husband for months" and "Florida Woman constantly aroused due to rare condition didn't have sex with husband for months"  Like, really? Fuck you people who made those headlines.  So I decided, since a few people have already seen it, to come out and speak for myself. ⠀ Here are the facts: I am NOT constantly turned on. I am NOT constantly aroused. Without medication I DO feel restless leg, as if little tiny ants are crawling up and down the tops of my thighs. Before the surgery I had in September, sex was painful for a period of time due to my condition. When I get stressed my symptoms flare up and I feel discomfort, slight prickling feeling, throbbing, and unwanted stimulation. I feel like I have to pee, even though I don't. I have worked with my condition for Eight years now. I have traveled the world, met the love of my life, and started my own company. I work on my symptoms every day of my life. I see doctors, physical therapists, take medication, stay away from certain food, and do certain stretches for my pelvis. ⠀ People out there are going to laugh, they are going to be-little the condition. They are going to make fake headlines to get people to read about it. But my hope is that the rest of you will listen and learn and realize that just like your head can ache you can have pulsing or painful symptoms in other unfortunate areas of your body. ⠀ I know some of you already are, but for the other women out there, if you feel some of these symptoms or even others (like having the feeling of needing to pee frequently even though you don’t need to go, or not being able to have pain-free intercourse) please reach out to me. I am happy to talk to you and tell you what worked or didn’t work through my seven year journey with this. You can live a normal life. You can travel the world. You can meet someone and get married. Please don’t give up.

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