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Physical Therapy

I started physical therapy before I was "officially" diagnosed. After explaining to my mom I felt I had this disorder based on my googling, she immediately made an appointment with Dr. Echenberg in Pennsylvania, but his first opening was not until 3 months later.

We looked up first steps to help (the power of the internet). We came across Amy Stein (author of Heal Pelvic Pain) and founder of Beyond Basics Physical Therapy. We made an appointment immediately. I began my physical therapy journey in January 2013.

I was at Beyond Basics for about two years and then switched over to EMH Physical Therapy. I think physical therapy is a lot like regular therapy. You need to find a person you click with or connect with. Look, this person is going to be sticking their finger and dilators up inside you for an hour. So, it makes sense that you need to feel comfortable with this person.

In my three years of having physical therapy in New York City I had about four different PTs (physical therapists). It was difficult because just as I would get comfortable with someone they moved or left to another practice. Physical therapy made a HUGE difference in the beginning of my journey (and still today).

It's about loosening your pelvic floor, but also about strengthening it. A lot of us tighten our Pelvic Floor (like a kegal) without realizing it throughout the day. So much so that you lose your control of it, making it weak. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy helps strengthen your control of it. Strain on the pelvic floor can be directly connect to RGS and PGAD symptoms.

I am not in the health field so I do not attempt to go into the science behind pelvic floor dysfunction. Here is a great Link that goes further into explanations and statistics. To decide if you should even look into getting physical therapy you should decide if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Bladder pain

  • Uterus pain

  • Rectum pain

  • Painful sex (or discomfort)

  • Vulvar Pain or itching

  • Pain with a tampon insertion

  • Urinary urgency or frequency

  • General Pelvic/ Abdominal pain

  • Bowel strain

  • Muscle spasms in the pelvis

Currently, I go to Partnership In Therapy in Miami. I have to say that my experience there has been the best yet. Dr. Pamela Downey has uses different techniques and approaches that has helped me get to the next level in my therapy. She is all about pain-free movement. I have never met such a knowledgable physical therapist in the field of Chronic Pelvic Pain. I met Dr. Downey after my Vestibulectomy and needed physical therapy to help heal my scar. My scar is healed, but I am still going every 3 weeks to keep myself in check.

This link is a great place to start if looking for a PT. If you need further help, please reach out. Dr. Downey has already helped me link up a few people with PTs around the world (including South Korea)!

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