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Traveling The World, Just Being Prepared

My #chronicpainwarriors, traveling is not impossible with these diagnosis. The year I was diagnosed, I graduated in May and I went on a 6-week backpacking trip with my sister. We traveled through ten countries. A year later, I went on a 9-week backpacking trip throughout SouthEast Asia with my then boy friend (now husband). The key to traveling is packing right and being prepared.


All My Meds: I wanted to pack light. So instead of packing bottles, I packed the pills I needed in Pill containers and Ziplock bags. I brought a note form my doctor explaining the meds, just in case any airport would question my bags of pills (but I had no issue).

My Dilators: If you are early in diagnosis you may not be up to dilators yet. Some women use pelvic wands. After my Vestibulectomy, it is important for me to have my dilators handy in order to have sex. So, when traveling with my partner I make sure to bring them. Earlier in my diagnosis, I needed to use my dilators in place of seeing a physical therapist. If my body is used to having a weekly or bi-weekly visit to my physical therapist's office, being gone for 6-9 weeks means I still need to keep up with my exercises. Look, they look like dildos to an innocent bi-stander. But, if it's recommend you use them regularly, bring them. Put them in a cute bathroom pouch. They are becoming more common. If you have seen the new Netflix show, Sex Education, you will see a character on the show has vaginismus and uses dilators.

Creams: In the beginning, I was using the following ointments:

TCA 0.5 percent in AM

Mupirocin 2 perc ointment in AM

Desoximetasone 0.25 percent ointment

Two of the ointments were small enough to bring on carry on. For the other one, I bought a small container and pushed out enough ointment inside. For the ointments, just be conscientious of the ounces if you are bringing carry ons.

Seat Cushion: This one is tough. Harder to hide, harder to explain, but I have had to do this. For some people who are still working on A LOT of symptoms, you made need this if you are sitting for a long time. I needed to bring mine after my surgery and traveled to California. I used it on the plane and long car rides. I brought it as a personal carry on. It is annoying to bring, I get it, but I have done it and have had no issues. No airline cares and it fits in the seats.

Azo: If you have Interstitial Cystitis or Painful bladder Syndrome and going to travel somewhere and plan on drinking, I would bring Azo (Do NOT buy the cranberry one). I have been told by some doctors it's placebo and others that it works. For me IT WORKS. I take one before going out drinking and I do not get symptoms. You know ho the women's restroom line is always like 100 times longer than the men's? So many women have bladder symptoms they do not even realize. Taking an Azo helps my brain and body not get symptoms of needed to pee every 5 seconds when drinking alcohol. I do NOT travel without some. Generic works too, FYI.

Lube: Sliquid is my shit. It comes in travel size, FYI. If you plan on having sex when you travel, do not forget to bring your WATER-BASED lube. End. Of. Story.

Notice empty pill bottles on the right of picture.

On our way, I was diagnosed just 6 months before!

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